South Park Coalition (S.P.C.) is a coalition of Houston hip hop rappers which K-Rino started in 1987, wanting
 to unite the talent in his South Park neighborhood and the city of Houston.


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K-Rino is without a doubt one of the best lyrical emcee’s ever. His cleverwordplay, intelligent metaphors and whole vibe takes Hip-Hop to anotherlevel. His close affiliation with Wolftown Recordings has led to himstarting a new situation called SPC UK. We sent Jonathan Miles to getthe latest from this Houston legend.

Hi K-Rino, thanks for taking the time out to do this interview.How’s life in Texas? How’s the scene and music industry out there?

Thanks for having me. Life in Texas is good homie; the music industryhere as well as many places is slow at the moment. There’s not manypeople dropping much music, and the few releases that have droppedhaven’t made any significant impacts. It’s basically August and Ihaven’t even dropped a CD yet. LOL!

Your last album ‘Blood Doctrine’ is quality. How has the album been received in the States and who produced the album?

Well the people who have actually HEARD the album love it. The thingwe're trying to do is expand the range of exposure because I feel likeallot of my music goes unheard by a vast majority of people not only inthe States but worldwide. We gotta change that.

You featured on Scarface’s last album on a track with Slim Thug. What was that experience like and how did that all come about?


Well me and Face go back to the 80's and we've always been real cool,we just hadn’t ever worked together on a song for some reason (lol) buthe and producer Mike Mo (Cory Mo's brother) called me one night and waslike "come to studio we got a song we wanna throw u on". So I came thruand we sat in the lab and I wrote and dropped my verse. Slim hadn’tbeen added to the song at that time. Face was actually debating on whohe wanted to put on there so when I left the studio it was only me andhim on the beat. I didn’t know Slim was on the song until the CDdropped and Slim wrecked and represented real strong.

So the new album ‘Speed Of Thought’ is due for release onSeptember 21st on new label SPC UK.

Tell us about how this all comeabout.

Well I connected with wolftown years ago and the relationship has growninto mutual respect as fans and business partners. I’m fans of theirwork and fans of their hustle so we linked up on a few features theneventually evolved into putting together whole projects. We did the " ALyrical Legend" a couple years back and Tricksta felt like it was agood time to do something new, so me and him talked long and hard onthe phone and we came up with "Speed Of Thought" which will containFOUR brand new songs all produced by Tricksta that wont be on ANY otherK-Rino album.

So tell us about some of the tracks on there and what we can expect from this album.

We wanted to live up to the title so there’s allot of lyrical stuff on it but also allot of reality based concepts as well.


LATE features heavily on the album turning up on threetracks out of the sixteen, and you also featured on three tracks on his‘Below Street Level’ album. How did you two meet?

Me and Late met thru the whole Woltown/K-Rino/SPC initial connectionthat I mentioned earlier. The power of the internet really deserves thecredit though. Late is my homie and he's a very solid artist who takespride in making sure he's saying something of value on everything hespits on.


I see Tricksta is heavily involved too, producing a total of six tracks. Will you be working with him again in the future?

Oh yeah without a doubt! Me & Tricksta correspond from time to timeand he's very focused on putting projects together, so me and him arealways going to work together.

So what else can we expect from SPC UK in the future?

Hopefully growth...we wanna expand this thing beyond just K-Rino andWolftown. We wanna get people from all over the UK reppin SPC. SouthPark Coalition is a global movement so we're definitely recruiting newpeople.

What’s happening with the C.O.D album?

I’m going to drop it in a couple of months. We're going to add a couple of more tracks to the album before release.

What else are you planning to release in the future?

I’m going to start a new album in late August and have it out by October GOD willing...


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Interview by Jonathan Miles

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