South Park Coalition (S.P.C.) is a coalition of Houston hip hop rappers which K-Rino started in 1987, wanting
 to unite the talent in his South Park neighborhood and the city of Houston.

Justice Allah  - "F.T.H."

Shan-No - "From Me to You Vol. 2"

Chucky the Killa - "The Diary of A Soulja"

K-RINO - "80 Minute Eternity"

$15.00 US / $20 International

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Cl'Che - "Still Hood but Saved: HH4"

"I Told You" - $0.99

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Point Blank - "Ganxstaz Only 2"

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The Real Jay Walker - "Ezoterik"


K-Rino - "Murder The Mainstream (single)"

$0.99 single

LATE - "Late is the Future" (mixtape)

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LATE - "Late is the Future" (chopped & screwed by DJ Molasses)

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Murder One & Wash Off - "Hood Element"

$15.00 US/ $20 Int.

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Hoodizm - "Poetic Rhymes of My Life" (spoken word)

Mr. Cap - "2 Tha Grave"

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ARMY OF ONE - new KB Da Kidnappa!!

Justice All AH of The 144 Elite - "Justice Served"

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K-Rino - "Alien Baby"

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KUWAIT - In The Last 10 Years Pt. 1, 2, & 3


GANKSTA NIP : PSYCH'  SWAG "Da Horror Movie"  - Psych Ward Ent. 2010

$15.00 US / $20 International

CL'CHE' Hustle Hard 3: Street Classics DVD

SHAN-NO :  SO SEDUCTIVE  - Glowbal Entertainment 2010


  Available directly from
Point Blank The Bull
and on  

Album features Lil' O, Dope E,
2Pac, K-Rino, Scooby of Grit Boys and MORE!!




 JUSTICE ALLAH :  SuPreMe  MaTheMaTiCs  - Black Book International  2009

In a time where mainstream artists are following each other and playing by the rules, Justice Allah steps outside the box. Justice's music delivers a positive message of wisdom and knowledge. Features include the soulful harmonies of Ashlei Mayadia, K Rino and Dope E among others, Justice Allah, Dope E and Jones provide the production this 11 track album which includes bonus tracks ‘Now u Know' and ‘The Supreme Mathematician Meditation'. If you like artists like Common, KRS 1, K Rino and SPC then you'll like what Justice has to say and the music he brings to Hip Hop. Supreme Mathematics is available now from many online stores.

Review by Jai Boo @ Hip HOp Village

"Born" - the music video - features a fierce martial arts display by Baba Shango and SEHAS Community Center!

K-RINO : SOLITARY CONFINEMENT - Black Book International 2009

  K always goes hard and comes up with sick concepts for tracks like ‘Grand Deception' where he breaks down what is depicted on the back of a dollar bill, and exposes the secret societies that run the world and the meanings behind Christmas and the different days of the week. Check out ‘Didn't ask' where he raps from the view point of a young child who is born and raised around argumentative dysfunctional parents. ‘Dem Laws' is a track that many people of colour can relate to about police brutality featuring K Rino's brother K Water. The title track ‘Solitary Confinement' tells the story of K imprisoned in a sinister dark place which makes you believe that K has entered Hell as he see's people who he mistreated in life but really he's in the guilty solitary confinement of his own mind. All the tracks on here are bangers and have their own concepts...Like I said K goes hard! Who said the south isn't lyrical...I beg you to go and buy K Rino ‘Solitary Confinement'

review from Hip Hop Village

RAPPER-K : `IMMA FINISH IT' -  Black Book International 2009


 Rapper K has been reppin' South Park Coalition for years, from school rap battles with K-Rino and Klondike Kat to high-way-rolling with the SPC to shows in town and around states.

RAPPER K is now releasing his 2nd album, "Imma Finnish It"...  
Available Now!



SOUTH PARK REPRESENTIN'  : The Best of Murder One 2009



Murder One is back with a feat few artists achieve...a Best Of album.  An OriGinal member of the South Park Coaltion, Murder One is featured on many  S.P.C. solo and click albums.

Presented by
Late and Trickska of Wolftown Records
 and S.P.C. UK

SHAN-N0 : FROM ME/TO YOU  - Akasha Records  2008




Since she was a child, Shan-no has had a music mind.  She met Kuwait of the S.P.C. shortly after graduation, and developed a musical bond with other S.P.C. members.  In no time, she was offered coalition membership and began working on her album, "FROM ME/TO YOU" with producer Dope-E.


KUWAIT  : FACE OF GOD  Production by 3x's certified Platinum Muhammad 2G


 Born in Houston, TX in the Notorious Neighborhood of South   Acres, Kuwait's talents were discovered among his relatives in his home. When he was no more than six years old, he would mock preachers and sing songs heard from the radio.  Kuwait began battling in mom and pop music shops and on Willie D. of the Geto Boys radio talk show "Reality Check", and gave him the courage and faith to believe that he could hold his own in this industry as a lyricist!