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 to unite the talent in his South Park neighborhood and the city of Houston.

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ThugStar - Hip Hop Village Interview

 Thanks to member Thomas for sharing this!

ThugStar of the S.P.C.

brand-new Interview by Jai Boo for





So Thugstar tell us about this horror movie called ‘Swine' that you've just finished working on.

It's an independent movie about the bigger scale of the how swine could be, but the guy who put it together has turned the situation into a horror film. The part that I'm in isn't really a major part but the character that I play turned into a bigger role. It's a pretty good movie, it's like a plot but I don't really want to give too much away! It has a lot of twists and turns and when you see it you'll think ‘Wow!' I found out recently that it will be out by February 2010.



How did you get the part in the movie?

Well actually I already knew the guy who was working on the film basically I was just going to do the soundtrack for the movie. When I got there he offered me a part! I wasn't really the type who wanted to be an actor, but I read the part and liked it so I took on the character. (Laughs)



Do you actually have a talking part you're not just there in the background are you?

Yeah I talk in the movie and I also have a couple of fight scenes! It's pretty cool!



Is this your debut into the acting world ?

Yeah it's pretty much my first time of acting in a movie but I wasn't really trying to act. I tell people I'm not an actor but it comes natural and I actually enjoyed doing it. The fun thing about it was being around the whole cast and we got to like each other.



Who else is in the movie? Anyone who we may know? Or is it just mainly up and coming actors and actresses from the area?

There's a lot of local up and coming actors that have done some acting before. The other person who you know from the movie is SPC member Shan-no. The director actually gave Shan-no a big part in ‘Swine', she's in it from beginning to end. (Laughs)


Well that's a good look for Shan-no! So, Thugstar do you turn into a zombie in ‘Swine'?

No! I actually live in the movie! I have my little fight scenes and everything I don't let any Zombies stop me! (Laughs)



Now you've a little taste of being in a movie do you think it's something that you would like to move into?

As far as right now, maybe but I'm not too sure. If another movie came and there was a part available that I liked and the money was right then I'd probably do it. But that wasn't really my main goal to start acting.



Let's stay on the acting subject for a while. I've heard you've got a porno coming out!! Are you acting in that one too!? Tell us about that Thugstar.

(Laughs) Oh that one! Basically I had a birthday party and a couple of my old college frat brothers got together. It was one of the wildest parties that I ever threw! That's basically how that came about! The footage is from my party and I started shooting it on my camera so I'm not actually in it but I narrate it. It's pretty cool.



So everyone else is going wild and you're there filming it!

Yeah it's something that I've always wanted to do. The people that were in it where asking if I wanted to do another one! So we'll probably start another one in December. I haven't released it yet because I've had so much material that I wanted to get out.



Will you be following in DJ Yella's footsteps and be a porn director?

Hopefully if I get the chance! You know when you were younger and you had dreams of wanting to do this and that? When I put something on my mind I will do it. It actually gave me a chance to see how this business really operates. I've talked to a lot of people and producers in that industry and I just enjoyed putting it together and seeing what happens with it! (Laughs)



(Laughs) Would you ever star in a porno?

Would I ever star in one? Hmmmmmm.....I'm not sure....I've been tempted but not at this time right now but.....I'm tempted and really want to.....but I'm not sure. (Laughs)



As well as acting, filming and directing porn movies! You also rap as a solo artist and with your crew South Park Coalition (SPC) now you've linked up with SPC UK affiliates LATE and Tricksta to drop a mixtape called ‘Block 2 Block.' Can you tell us about that release?

Oh Block 2 Block! That came about by Tricksta hitting me up and asking me if I wanted to do a mixtape. I decided to do it because of the exposure and basically everybody over there is my favourite type of artist. Anything that exposes me more to different people and cultures and with your support behind it. All of you did a pretty good job on it I really like it.



You've also dropped your own mixtape in the US called ‘All in yo Face'. Can you tell us about that release?

The ‘All in Yo Face' mixtape came about when I was doing the porn movie. I put it together to fit the mood of where I was it was supposed to be a double release with the movie. My management team told me not to do it! (Laughs) They told me to separate the two, I do everything on my own but I have a team around that help me. I would have run wild with it! But the songs on the mixtape fit the expression of how I was feeling at that time. When I was younger I used to DJ in strip clubs and stuff like that and that's the era that I went back to with the types of songs they were playing. That's really how the mixtape project came about. I have another one that will probably be released next year.



Will the tracks from ‘All in Yo Face' be featured in the porn movie?

Yeah some of those songs will be featured in the porn movie as well as some of the songs that didn't actually make the mixtape. It turned out good because I networked with a lot of artists from the Ukraine and other different countries; their songs are actually featured more in the movie. It adds a pretty good twist to it as well.



Now you also launched a website called Glowbal Ent. Can you tell us more about that?

Glowbal Entertainment is basically the birth of my own independentlabel. I was sitting there going through names with my management teamand that's what we came up with. We just started putting the sitetogether, it's still in the process of getting done there's a few morethings I need to add to it. It will show my independence and thingsthat everybody will be able to keep updated with what I'm doing. I'vealways wanted to push my own label so that's the beginning stages ofwhat I'm doing. There are a couple of projects slated for release. Thefirst release is Shan-no's new album called ‘So Seductive' she has afew more songs to finish then we can get ready to do the mixing downprocess of the whole project. I've also got my ‘Speaker Music 2' albumto mix down; there are a lot of projects getting ready for release.


Will Shan-no's album be dropping this year or next?

We've spoke about and we're going to try and get it out aroundNovember. If I don't get a November date for it to be released then itwill be January.


If some one wants to book you or wants you to appear on a track what's the best way to get in contact with you?

The easiest way is to hit me up on and just let me know what they want to do and we can get it done.


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