South Park Coalition (S.P.C.) is a coalition of Houston hip hop rappers which K-Rino started in 1987, wanting
 to unite the talent in his South Park neighborhood and the city of Houston.


   Peace Fam!  

Thanks for the love and continued support of South Park Coalition.  Holla back!  SIgn our guestbook and let all of S.P.C. know you were here! 

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4:03 PM on June 18, 2016 
What's up guys? How can I send hand written fan mail to the S.P.C. ???
Reply South Califa
2:21 AM on December 21, 2015 

Please post your calendar with upcoming performances.  Thanks!

Reply CDeath509
6:23 PM on June 6, 2015 
Reply CDeath509
6:18 PM on June 6, 2015 
Reply Jp
6:17 AM on March 2, 2015 
Kerrville,tx !!! Still waiting on a order of $70 worth of CDs In ordered on around feb.18 Please let me know.. I'm at That should also be my PayPal account name
Reply Jp
1:19 PM on February 27, 2015 
Hi love all y'all work... But I ordered $70 dollars with of cds ( murder 1 : beware the coalition, murder 1 : artist the industry are scared of: murder 1 ... Forgot which it ism.but I know it was a murder 1 CD
Reply KengLor
10:20 PM on January 9, 2015 

Sup K Rino. Hope you read this and reply back. Ive been waiting to hear new music from you. Havent heard any new news about you. How you been? When are you going to release a new album out. Im ready to hear some more. 

Reply KengLor
5:56 PM on December 6, 2014 

Sup K. When Am i gonna get my last 3 albums?

Reply KengLor
4:19 PM on November 22, 2014 

K Rino Im Happy i got your albums but im missing "the Maven, Therapeutic, and Plantation Rebellion." I want them please.

Reply KengLor
9:30 PM on November 10, 2014 

Anybody know wassup. Did anybody recieve any k rino albums?

Reply KengLor
5:15 PM on October 28, 2014 

I Just Order 10 K Rino's album. I hope to get it soon. Does anybody know how long it usually takes?

Reply Paisan510
9:10 PM on October 1, 2014 
Yeah man it's been a month since I ordered my cd and I still haven't got it. I live in Cali too so it should of been here a while ago man....
Reply cosmin410
10:36 AM on October 1, 2014 

Hi is there a customer service for the music store?, cause i orderd the album Deprogrammed by K-Rino on august the 25th from Romania and i didn't get it

Reply Brown Hornett
4:37 PM on December 27, 2013 

This probably aint the place for this, but I'm not seeing a spot for customer service for things ordered from the store.  Put in an order for Therapeutic and Plantation Rebellion onl the 4th of December... still no cds.  Don't want to sound like I'm trippin over 40 dollars cause I'm not.  The not knowing is the thing.  Would be nice if y'all could let us know if any issues are expected with orders, or if you could send some kinda verification to let us know when purchased items are shipped and on the way.  

I've been a fan of the music since before cds and don't plan on stopping no time soon.  But, I can't listen if I don't get my cds...

Reply THC I
3:59 PM on July 8, 2013 
Dont wanna bother yal but still havent got it i belive their is a problem
Reply THC I
8:59 PM on June 9, 2013 
I ordered it like a month ago and i live in canada but il keep waiting for it
Reply Southern Citizen
5:15 AM on May 20, 2013 

THE MAVEN --> STILL GRINDIN' --> K-Rino --> Murder One #NewAlbums #OrderNow

Reply Southern Citizen
5:13 AM on May 20, 2013 

THC I says...
Hey what up. I ordered the maven and still havent gotten it. If i could get info on that it would be nice

i'm sure MAVEN arrive very soon! about 14 days after day of order for overseas buyer is quite possible. all orders from tha spc store arrived as before all the time! trust them!

Reply THC I
4:52 PM on May 19, 2013 
Hey what up. I ordered the maven and still havent gotten it. If i could get info on that it would be nice
Reply SmokeTwibz
5:18 PM on November 26, 2012 

Here I sit, in what y'all started....

K-Rino's my favorite artist.....