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Boy C
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I heard some people saying it was hard to find S.P.C. music for sale.

I figured I would post some music stores around Houston, and on the internet.

I made this a few years back and kept updating it.

The stores are prone to be in Southwest/South Houston.


Come on people, let's stimulate the economy and buy music!

Share your latest music spots around town or the internet... I could buy a few CDs myself..


Internet Websites:;jsessionid=154b7b3a41728a2/shopdata/index.shopscript

Houston Music Stores:

AAA Communication Services (Dream On! Entertainment) or (Dream On! Records & Tapes)

8607 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

Houston, Texas 77033

Phone: (713) 734-4370 (AAA Communications Services)

Phone: (713 264-7299 (Dream On! Entertainment)



Barnes & Noble- Vanderbilt Square

3003 West Holcombe Boulevard

Houston, Texas 77025

Phone: (713) 349-0050



Barnes & Noble- Westheimer Crossing

7626 Westheimer Road

Houston, Texas 77063

Phone: (713) 783-6016



Best Buy- Galleria

5133 Richmond Avenue

Houston, Texas 77056

Phone: (713) 552-1512


Best Buy- Sharpstown (Closed as of 11/2009)

8225 South Gessner Road

Houston, Texas 77036

Phone: (713) 272-0620


Bigtyme Recordz

5110 Griggs Road

Houston, Texas 77021

Phone: (713) 747-9027



Blast Records & Tapes (Closed as of 10/2008)

4977 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

Houston, Texas 77021

Phone: (713) 645-0428



Cactus Music & Video (Reopened)

2930 South Shepherd Drive

Houston, Texas 77098

Phone: (713) 526-9272



Borders- Meyerland

570 Meyerland Plaza

Houston, Texas 77096

Phone: (713) 661-2888



Borders- Galleria

5061 Westheimer Road

Houston, Texas 77056

Phone: (713) 960-0619



Carrier Media Solutions/Mo Bang 4 YaBuck/Rappromote-com/Turning Point Recordz



Evolution Records Tapes & More Store No. 1

8099 Spencer Highway

Deer Park, Texas

Phone: (281) 476-0146‎



Evolution Records Tapes & More Store No. 2

907 East Fayle Street

Baytown, Texas

Phone: (281) 422-0112



Frys Electronics- Southwest

11565 Southwest Freeway (U.S. Highway 59 South)

Houston, Texas

Phone: (832) 200-3300

Website:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.frys.comor


Frys Electronics- North

10241 North Freeway

Houston, Texas

Phone: (281) 591-3110

Website:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.frys.comor


FYE- Galleria Mall

5085 Westheimer Road, Suite 1250

Houston, Texas  77056

Phone: (713) 626-8325



Give N Take Internet Store



Half Price Books, Records, Magazines, Inc- - Kirby/RiceVillage

2537 University Boulevard

Houston, Texas 77005

Phone: (713) 524-6635



Half Price Books, Records, Magazines, Inc- – Montrose

1011 Westheimer Road

Houston, Texas 77006

Phone: (713 520-1084



Hot Spot Music & Communications

7433 Bissonnet Street, Suite G

Houston, Texas 77074

Phone: (713) 484-8215



Music Depot- Greenspoint Mall

12300 North Freeway

Houston, Texas 77060

Phone: (281) 876-0778



Music Town

17034 Stuebner Airline Road

Spring, Texas 77379

Phone: (281) 251-2924



Reggae Bodega (J-Nap and Papa Doc of S.M.U.G.G.L.A.Z. store. )

4816 1/2 AlmedaRoad

Houston, Texas 77004

Phone: (713) 942-9535


Screwed Up Records & Tapes

7717 Cullen Boulevard

Houston, Texas 77051

Phone: (713) 731-0747



Screwed Up Records & Tapes #4

8254 Lawndale Street

Houston, Texas 77705

Phone: (713) 813-2808



Serious Sounds Etc

6364 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

Houston, Texas 77021

Phone: (713) 738-8273

Website: Store

1561 Lombardy Street

Houston, Texas 77023

(02/2010 changed to: ?

207 Sue Street

Houston, Texas 77009)

Phone: (713) 926-9566



Sound Exchange

1846 Richmond Avenue

Houston, Texas

Phone: (713) 666-5555




3509 Montrose Boulevard

Houston, Texas 77006

Phone: (713) 520-9283



Southside Smokeshop

10711 Gulf Freeway (I.H. 45 North)

Houston, Texas 77034

Phone: (713) 947-8653



Stickhorse Records #1

10307 Cullen Boulevard, Suite 8

Houston, Texas 77047

Phone: (713) 731-7801



Stickhorse Records #2

????  Griggs Road

Houston, Texas 77021

Phone: (713) 731-????



Studio Music 2000

6603 West Fuqua Drive, Suite H

Missouri City, Texas 77489

Phone: (281) 835-3111



Turntable II Records & Tapes

12333 Fondren Road

Houston, Texas 77035

Phone: (713) 723-6519



Underground Sounds/Spotlight Studios

7143 Bellfort Avenue

Houston, Texas 77087

Phone: (832) 236-2456 (Spotlight)

Phone: (281) 217-5842 (Underground Sounds)



Vinal Edge Records Tapes & CDs

13171 Veterans Memorial Drive

Houston, Texas 77014

Phone: (281) 537-2575



Wherehouse Music

6520 Westheimer Road

Houston, Texas 77057

Phone: (713) 977-0001



Note: If there is any privacy problems (Sharing phone numbers, addresses, and websites)

I can have a moderator edit the information out.


If the topic title is too long and takes up two (2) lines, please delete "(Music Stores)" to shorten the thread's title. No need to have a huge thread title, taking up 2 lines.


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Boy C
Posts: 488

Side note.

The larger national big box stores (Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, and Borders) are less likely to have good S.P.C. music in stock, in stores.  They would be an online order only.  Try the more independent or small music stores first. Sometimes local music is harder to find than the Top 40 majors. (At least, in my experience.)



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I'll provide my insight:

Wherehouse on Westheimer and Hillcroft: GONE - yeah they actually had all of the K-Rino albums, but a few months ago they just dissapearred.  I don't know if they are coming back or not.

Movie Exchanges - been to two (westheimer and hillcroft, and one by US 59 and Wilcrest) Both had a few used SPC releases, but they want to charge 30 bucks for some CDs you can get direct from Big Tyme or other stores for 15 bucks.  Wouldn't recommend, especially since used K-Rino CDs are almost as expensive as getting them new straight from K. 

Soundwaves - Been to the one on montrose, nothing good there.

Sound Exchange - no good rap or any SPC last time I went.

Cactus - Same as above, no good rap or any SPC. 

Reggae Bodega:  They had The Terrorists - Detonate Landmines and 144 Elite CDs for sale as far as SPC stuff as well as a few CDs with features.  Good for Smugglaz music though.

Hastings (Huntsville) - this one is out of the way, but I stopped by it once and they had all Street Military stuff and all Klondike Kat albums on Beat Box Records - pretty good prices too.  Also had KB and Lil' Flea album.

Piranha Records - when I was in Austin I'd go here for SPC music - always have the new stuff at a good price. 

Music Mania - Austin as well, not as good selection and more expensive. 

Platinum Music and More - This is in Fort Worth, I've bought two SPC albums here in the last year, Pharoah - Six Foot Giant and G-Rapp The General.

On a side note, Boy C where would your recommend me getting another copy of Point Blank's Mad At The World?  I bought a repress from Music Mania a few years back but it was cheap quality and the CD started flaking away.  It was an official repress, but a really bad one.  Has Big Tyme done a better repress?  I want something that will last but I don't want to pay for ebay or nothing. 

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AAA communications on reed rd. is no longer. they are a christian bookstore @ that location now and moved the music store somewhere off beltway 8 & 59s.

that hastings in conroe is gone.

stickhorse is still there on cullen, but has gone from sugar to shit.

movie exchange is $$$$ as hell because they carry mostly original pressings. beatbox has reissued most all of their catalog and can be found almost anywhere.

soul 21 in n.w. mall use to be good about carrying old stuff, but i haven't been there in about 2 years.

i keep hearing good things about alief bang. havent went, but plan on making the trip.

February 23, 2010 at 7:23 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Boy C
Posts: 488


Thanks for the information.

I would do Bigtyme then Sosouth and then Ebay for that Blank.


Thanks for the information.

I did contact AAA communications last week.  I called before making the trip over there.  The owner did tell me it's now a Christian book store.

He said all the rap music he had for sale, in his store, is now with his son Big Juice.

He said the store is somewhere on the "Southwest side" Beltway 8 and 59.

I called Big Juice and he did not know what I was talking about. 


February 23, 2010 at 2:56 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Damn - Hastings in Conroe is gone - was there maybe a month ago and they had not closing signs up..oh well.

Thanks for the info on Point Blank Boy C- I will check big tyme and if not I will try ordering from Blank directly.  Does anyone know if Blank has pro presses or CD-Rs?

March 31, 2010 at 2:05 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Thought I'd add a little update.  Hastings in Conroe is still there, was there a few weeks ago, they are not closing.

I finally made it out to Alief bang, dope store and will work with you, definitely recommend it if you are in the area.  They don't have the biggest store, but they have a lot of selection from SPC to ABN to Screw to Boss Hogg Outlawz and UGK.  They had a lot of Blank.  I picked up the Nip - Physic Thoughts Repress, nice quality and only 13 bucks. 

Thinking of hitting up Screwed Up Records just to say I been, anyone know when they are open?  Some of these smaller places are random closed and I don't want to waste a trip. 

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Do you cats know any stores in the DFW area that sell Houston music?

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Boy C
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I found a new music store.  Music is there side business, but they have the typical SUC, SPC, Woss Ness, etc.

Go Hustler Smoke Shop

5909 Scott Street

Houston, Texas 77021

Phone: (713) 534-1594




January 8, 2012 at 3:50 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Just thought I'd add that you can get your own personal screwed up mix from DJ Red of Screwed Up Records and Tapes.  You can hit him up on twitter or email and he'll hook you up for the right price.  I just had a mix game and had a couple of K-Rino songs on there. 

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