South Park Coalition (S.P.C.) is a coalition of Houston hip hop rappers which K-Rino started in 1986, wanting
 to unite the talent in his South Park neighborhood and the city of Houston.


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Get a load of this

Another day in the life

As I stepped on the block

Pressure closing in closer

I saw a pole with my picture on a "Most Wanted" poster

Accusing me of murder

An inaccurate quote

Oh, I get it

Someone's trying to play a practical joke

Just as soon as I approached it and started snatching it down

I got a call that said that they were plastered all over town

I said, "I guess I better get somewhere and figure this out"

This whole chains of events triggering more inquisitive doubt

I showed up at my girl's house that evening

She was steaming mad

Accusing me of sneaking out and scheming

Immediately told me I've been cheating

Then pulled out a picture of me and the lady at a table eating

I vehemently refused to claim it

But looking at myself on the photo

It was hard to explain it

She tried to get a confession out of me

But it was obviously a doctored up product of computer technology

I thought of explanations I could maybe explore

But in my heart

I knew I'd never seen that lady before

Though I knew it wasn't me

I was confused as could be

Snatched the picture out her hand

And to the room I retreated

I laid across the bed deep thinking and breathing

Am I dreaming?

Is it real or is my sanity leaving?

News man on the television tripled my load

Speaking of a fugitive

But it was me that they showed

Now I'm questioning reality

I'm dazed and confused

First the poster

Then the picture

Now my face on the news!?

Went outside again and ran into my man on the block

Instead of dapping

He approached me with his hand on his glock

He said,

"I see the real you is now revealing at last.

You got the nerve to come around me after stealing my stash."

I said,

"Man, what you talking about? You gotta be sick!"

He said,

"How did you change clothes and hide the product so quick?

It would of been impossible for you to jack and attack me on foot

Then beat me back when I'm driving."

I said,


Something's going on.

It wasn't me, man

I've been blamed for 4 stunts in a three hour span."

He said,

"But it was you

Same face

Same height, slim."

I said,

"Well, let's go back to where you last saw me

I mean 'him'

I mean....

Let's just go

Please, help me look for him."

Before we even took a step

I looked behind me and saw him

Didn't have to chase him

He was coming in our direction

As I face him

He mimicked my every move to perfection

He had replicated my physical down to the letter

And I'd have thought it was me too if I didn't know better

I asked him of his purpose

When he said I knew it

A parallel universe opened and he came through it

"So, you committed all those acts while wearing my shoes

Buy why me

Out of 6 billion others to choose?"

He said, 

"Why not?

Out of 6 billion brains to test

A thorough analytic study proved that yours was the best

Everybody was impressed

And that included me too

I decided to come to your Universe and be you."

I told him,

"I wasn't looking for a war in the least

I don't have a problem with you, man

I'm all about peace

It makes no sense to do evil under my image and name

You'll get the blame."

He said, 

"Not after I alter their brains."

I lunged out at him

On the ground we started to roll

When we separated we were wearing identical clothes

Now my partner was confused

Straight bewildered and froze

We both know

The fake one goes once the real one is chose

When the people came

They knew that I had been framed

They saw two K-Rino's looking exactly the same

He knew everything that I knew or ever conceived

And told my mother if she picked the real one he would leave

She looked in our eyes then deep in our souls


"I know my son anywhere

The fake is exposed"

At that moment

A portal opened up in the sky

The other K was sucked through it and people started to cry

Tears of joy for the victory of dodging his wrath

But when they looked at me

They heard only a sinister laugh

Right then the scenario was understood quick

It was me that got removed

The whole thing was a trick

I was in another realm by the time they discovered

He had staged the process

And put a spell on my mother

As for me

I'm now trapped in a place you couldn't fathom

How will I make it back?

Stay tuned

I'll tell you next album

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