South Park Coalition (S.P.C.) is a coalition of Houston hip hop rappers which K-Rino started in 1986, wanting
 to unite the talent in his South Park neighborhood and the city of Houston.


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They said he couldn't do it no more,

Lets see if they right>

He couldn't withstand the blast that he felt,

beatin me is hard to pull off like a chastity belt,

im returning to the warzone to fillet my opponents,

the game keep callin me back like i was hanging up on it,

stoppin me is a task no ones able to do ,

like trying to seat a thousand people at a table for two,

see what im sayins heatin iron, on the mic defeatin giants,

im  a lion-eating man, that eats man-eating lions,

when i please, i still punish and rip with ease,

like a plate of nachoes, i stack chips and cheese,

question me i gotta flame you, then ill probably show you somthin painful,

like stuffin both your feet into the same shoe,

every line got the people in the joint raving,

cut your index finger off, i call it point shaving,

im the rap landlord, you a damn fraud,

trying to charge a pair of jordans with a sams card,

rough board, choose a hard 2x4 used to beat and bruise ya,

after i win, now you a sore looser

i gotta cannon mouth, tongue whoopins i hand em out,

my presance is everywhere like santas house,

get it straight, i didnt come to make the party bounce,

i came to bust you in the face with a forty ounce,

pages new, you be cryin  like a baby dude,

still got clothes on lay-away from eighty two,

in brain squre millage, im imagin mentally?

your brain's an efficiency, you pissin where you kitchen be,

I got music in my bag, coast to coast i push,

i thought i told you that men aint supposed to douch,

Rhyme-sack you with my mind's immaculate,

im a beast, i put it down like i was tired of packin it,

money im stackin it, my crew is unruly they pop fast,

when they catch you its outta my hands like a dropped pass,

on a whack scale of 1 to 10 u sure to rate,

when you rank its like takin a leap, ur an eight,

you could be one of them big screen stars,

but when i catch you its a rap, just like 16 bars

K-RINO is in the hood everyday, i dont miss the fights,

you come and hang once a year like christmas lights,

you like to talk about your past and all your ex-stunts,

i speak on things that i already did next month!

i aint got time for silly little playful things,

you 6' 5' , two sixty wit a naval ring,

i get on a roll.. vocab is so cold,

i like to eat my cereal and milk with no bowl (whoo!),

i step my game up to improve the sport,

stole some of my own lyrics and took myself to court,

im the flowman, wingspand, aerodan?

slick enough to pick your pocket with your hand ,

rap slicin, reciting, strikein and writing verbs

verses swingin like Tyson i call em fightin words,

im down to get a private or a public win,

like hand sanitizer, after doin dirt i rub it in,

whenever you around lies gon' scatter,

like when your girlfriend told you size dont matter,

whoever said K-RINO wasn't heated they lied,

i picked my skill up early like it needed a ride,

rappers get caught up in the deep just for crossin the street,

i wont let you change the game like you lost your receipt,

if we do carry heat you'll never find it on us,

your CEO gave you a twenty dollar signing bonus,

ran opponents out the game they couldn't stand the losses,

line for line they comin up shorter then a vienna sausage,

you talkin tough partna but you look sweet,

you aint hot, cause you aint ready like undercooked meat,

I stay in rare form to achive this work,

got the right to bare arms like a sleevless shirt,

terminating you is somthin i cant wait to do,

you could be my twin and i still couldnt relate to you,

when i get through, i get a long ovation,

my pen stays on paper like its on probation,

winning odds 'eighty seven to one',

fool beating me is like your girlfriends hair has never been done..HA!  

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