South Park Coalition (S.P.C.) is a coalition of Houston hip hop rappers which K-Rino started in 1986, wanting
 to unite the talent in his South Park neighborhood and the city of Houston.


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you on my wood like a termite, 

my partna said that when you come around his weed dont even burn right,

its lookin like i gotta wig to split,

you tellin people what i done befor i did the shit,

hold up, partna chill or fightin we gon' be,

you aint got your life in line how you gon' speak on me,

when they start to talk trash, like handguns i blast,

aint got a gall so you dwellin on the ones i smash,

aint got a cheque so you worryin bout the ones i cash,

you talk fast fool, your mouth got the runs like ass,

cant wait to tell partna, cause you fake as hell,

 if spreading buisness was a crime you'd go straight to jail,

south park most city?, fifth warned the third??

if yall know sombody like that go on and shoot em the bird,

and the best way you can recognize a slanderous word,

is if the first thing that leave they mouth is "guess what i heard",



now how come fool always worried bout whats on your mind

talkin about me instead of gettin up on your grind

imma tell you hoes just one more time

you need to get your own buisness, stay ur ass out mine




if the topic is hot, they gossip alot,

it wont stop wit a plot, till they possibaly get proffit you got,

tryin to constantly figure out whos bed you hoppin up out,

if you on top they try to drop you down to the opposite spot,

you corrupt and shife, too much drama up in the world,

but in the meantime ur homeboi runnin up on your girl,

on the bottom is where these haters wanna see K ,(see K)

i know its true because you all up in my mix just like a dj,

but you dont know me, you 20 steps below me,

see me hollerin at a female and when i left you back door me,

aint like im trippin, you was puttin cash down

and after all that, she still shot your rotten ass down

you talkin down on players tryin to survive

when it comes to hatin you put hours in like a 9 to 5

your old man ws just like you back in `73

huh, i guess the apple dont fall far from the tree






you know who just went to jail, you know who just got out,

you know whos smokin, whos sellin, who shot who, and who got shot

you know whos snitchin, who doin bad, who layin up wit who,

but its funny how nobody dont know nothin about you,

they whole MO is to hurt yo flow,

thats the reason why they dont let your ass in church no mo,

i cant stand you, thats why ya little freak got ran through,

why is a grown man worried about what another grown man do,

that shit gon` land you in an unescapable scandel,

and catch you up in some heat that yo ass cant handle,

and if I die first i wont let you pass,

imma come back as a foot and kick you dead in ya ass, (UNGH)

you wanna roll but see i roll harder,

and like a bucket wit a hole in it, your ass cant hold water,

get off my nuts, and build your name instead,

cause like a hooper who tore his ACL your game is dead






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