South Park Coalition (S.P.C.) is a coalition of Houston hip hop rappers which K-Rino started in 1986, wanting
 to unite the talent in his South Park neighborhood and the city of Houston.


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I need help with Klondike Kat's lyrics in this song "POINT BLANK - GET PLAYED". My girlfriend, my homie and i have debated these lyrics since i bought the album and we can't seem to find out the correct lyrics for klondike kat. but regaurdless we figured out most of them except for one line. lol.  


(Klondike Kat verses only) Not Point Blanks

Play or get played, life no charades, fearless or brave, these killing days, master or slave, ?????????????????????, you decide your fate, its play or get played, ive been through so much shit maaaan, that i’ll never let my gaurds (boys?) down, i’m gone hold my court in the streets maaaan, you can talk that shit but you gone eat ground, because we don’t playeyey,



I'm having problems finding out what the underlined parts are but mainly the underlined question marks. can anyone help verify? k-rino? boy c? southerncitizen? klondike kat? help!!!! lol. been trying to figure out the lyrics since the ganxstas only vol 2came out...


sooo please play the song and hear klondike kat's verses and read the lyrics ive posted and please help me figure out the line that is underlined.



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