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I received the following in the form of a private message on a conspiracy forum that I like read occasionally.  I rarely log into the account on the forum that I am referring to, but for some reason I decided to log in about a month ago.  After browsing for a while, I noticed that I had '1 new message' in my inbox.  I have been a registered member of the site for two or three years and this was first private message that I have ever received. 

The subject/title of the message is: "You inspired me..." and it is from another member of this forum.  I had communicated with this person a few times in various threads that her or I had started. 

Below, bolded, is the message.  Please if you have the time read this, because it incredible.  It's like she took the things that I have trouble articulating and wrote what I have been trying say, but just can't find the right words.  I have been in contact with her, via emails, and she says that I do what ever I want with this, and that I'm the only person, besides her, that has read it.  

Tell me what you think......


To: notinfallible

From: Bea Nameless

Subject: You Inspired Me...

Date: 10/16/2012 - 6:52 PM

Your karma comment yesterday inspired me. So I wrote this today after it rolling through the gray all night. I'd love your opinion if you have the time. Much love, Bea

 The American Dream

We can fool ourselves into thinking that we live in a free and moral nation, but the truth is many times our actions don’t match our words. We hoard, we store, we scrimp, we save, and we work too many hours for not enough pay. We tell ourselves we do it to secure our families’ futures, yet we spend and less time with them. We look over those in need so we can buy newer, better, faster, and stronger. We throw our money at corrupt markets and call it “investment” on the hopes we might win the game, too. This problem boils down to one simple source, greed.

And who can blame us? From the moment we pop into the world, we’re taught to admire those who have “made something” out of themselves. We call them “Big Shots,” and look up to them even though they look down their noses at us. It is our work ethic that makes them rich, yet we call them “job creators” and through our labor, they get even richer. We allow them to destroy small, community businesses through their use of a political setup that games the system in their favor. And our leaders impress the moral of that class upon us that cries “more, more, more!” so we will keep toiling and slaving for peanuts.

Why do we do it? It begins as simple survival, to provide for our families, to give them the things we never had. We were all raised to dream the “American Dream” of a nice house, three cars in the garage, vacations to exotic places, money to spend however we want, and to improve ourselves with higher education so we can the next big “Big Shot.” But is that “American Dream” a reality or just an illusion to keep us working hard for the benefit of others?

That house comes with a mortgage loaded up front with stifling interest that must be paid before the principal… and to add insult to injury; those dollars are just numbers on a screen. Those cars are built to tear up quickly so we need a newer, better one next year, and come with huge payments that get in the way of our families’ needs. And now, when we go on those exotic vacations, we’re radiated and felt up by government agencies in the name of security that treat us like criminals for daring to travel. The things we buy? They’re just cheap, imported junk that break quickly and take those jobs we covet so much. And we impose on our children the need for that higher education that leaves them indebted for life and little possibility for a good job.

And through all this, we forget the important things, the feeling of pride when we create something we envisioned, the family who loves us through thick and thin, the friends who share happy hours with us in conversation, and the joy of learning things and doing things on our own. We turn away from those who lack like their poverty is contagious. We ignore our spiritual prompts which tell us this way of life is unsustainable. We claim solid, Christian values while ignoring how far our current morality has drifted from the lessons Jesus taught.

And we’re conditioned to forget about those qualms we have by the people that sell us the “American Dream,” the potential leaders who claim 47 percent of us are useless, that tell us that greed is good, and that ship our jobs away and then say “get a job.” We’re sold this by churches that preach “prosperity gospel” instead of “love thy neighbor,” that build huge and vulgar displays instead of helping the poor and needy, that twist the teachings of Jesus to justify their pursuit of the all-mighty full collection plate, and that require us to give them full inventory of our financial lives just to worship. We’re sold this by big business who want us to keep consuming and obeying, that sell us overpriced junk made in other countries made with slave labor, and that brainwash us with advertising so we must keep buying. We’re sold this by universities that provide expensive sub-par education in useless things and indoctrinate our children with information they’ll never need.

The current version of the “American Dream” isn’t a dream at all, but a never-ending nightmare filled with consumption and destruction. It cannibalizes the original concept of liberty and justice for all. Why? We simply cannot imagine another way, a better way. In our attempt to control every little thing we might face, we’ve allowed ourselves to become complacent that those who’d sell us this new and “improved” “American Dream 2.0” don’t really have our best interests at heart, only the bottom line, profit, cost-effectiveness, productivity, and growth. And that vicious circle loops onto itself over and over, turning our lives into not a joyous experience that glorifies our Creator, but a zero-sum game.

And we allow this because they control our resources from the energy we use, to the gas we fill our cars up with, the roads we drive upon, the lumber we use to build our homes, the very land we live upon, the imaginary numbers on a screen that fill our bank accounts, the version of God we believe in, the things we see on television and hear on the radio, the information we receive, the food we eat, the water we drink. They control everything simple because we let them. Because we think we have to. Because we can’t conceive of a better way. Because we’re afraid someone else will get something we didn’t. Because if I can’t have mine, you can’t have yours.

We’d honestly rather glorify greed than follow the teachings of Jesus, forgetting that possessions and position were the very things we were told to give up. We rape the earth under the impetus that Jesus is returning soon, so the earth doesn’t matter… forgetting it sustains us until that day comes. We don’t love our neighbors unless they believe the same things we do, oh… we say we do, but it’s simply not true. An occasion to help often becomes an opportunity to proselytize, and when that doesn’t work, we write off the poor sinner as useless and hopeless, as one of the 47 percent. We say “bless his heart” with a smug, snide sense of self-satisfaction and that denies a blessing at all. We forget the Prodigal Son. We judge, we criticize, we belittle, we demean, we hurt, and we degrade. In other words, we do almost everything BUT “love thy neighbor.”

And we’ll embrace our bondage to the “American Dream 2.0” again this year when we choose who’ll lead us. We won’t look for a candidate that practices the principles our country was founded upon. We’ll vote for who can do more for us. We’ll vote for who will do less for them. We’ll vote for the lesser of our own sense of two evils. We’ll vote for the vulture who knows how to turn a profit. We’ll vote for the “Big Shots” that finance campaigns and set policy that disadvantages us all. We’ll vote for the guy who’ll bomb others to perdition because they “hate us for our freedom.” We’ll vote for the guy who will sell us all out for a dollar. We’ll vote for the guy who looks good on TV or speaks with hypnotic language that convinces us. We’ll vote for the guy who keeps the machine running same as it ever was. We’ll vote for a donkey or an elephant because everybody knows another guy can’t possibly win.

We’ll vote same as we always do, with our emotions, with our bias, with our prejudices, with our imaginary numbers on a screen in mind, with our greed, but never, ever with our heads. We won’t educate ourselves because everybody knows everything already because we’re so dumbed down we don’t understand there’s no shame in ignorance, it’s curable with education and deep thought. But there IS no cure for stupidity, which is why we’ll vote same as it ever was. Stupidly. Because the TV told us those were our choices. Because we don’t know any better and are so caught up in the greed of life we haven’t the time to sit down and really think about it. Because, deep down, we like it that way. Even though we know those “Big Shots” could care less about us, our families, we still admire them, because we think perhaps we’ll be like them someday.

We’re a society of gamblers by design. We hear, “work hard, keep your nose to the grindstone, you’ll make it big one day!” and believe it, even when we sacrifice things we need to pay the mortgage. We hear, “you can’t win if you don’t play!” and hope that those lottery tickets we bought will pay off big. We hear, “no dream is too big, you can do anything!” then put ourselves in debt for an education we might or might not be able to use. There’s always some future payoff we’re lost within, that is when we’re not reliving the “good old days” that nostalgia tells us were golden, but in retrospect appear same as it ever was barring the fancy new gadgets. We live everywhere else, but the moment. The present. What’s around us right this minute. Because it’s the future that matters, nothing else, projected growth.

And this is nothing new. This has been going on and on and on since we forgot the morals and principles our country was founded upon. Liberty and justice for all. All means ALL, not some, not 53%, but for ALL. Not just for those who find ways to work the system and take, take, take, but for ALL. For you, for me, for that hippy down the street, for that guy that looked suspicious because his race was different, for that immigrant who came here for HIS “American Dream,” for all men, women, and children, regardless of where they came from and where they’ve been. Our forefathers came from across the world, the best, the brightest, the strongest, the weakest, the poor and hudled masses. Liberty and justice for all. For ALL of us.

But the “American Dream 2.0” doesn’t give us that, does it? Since the 9/11 attacks, we’ve all suffered loss of liberty due to restrictive legislation that hinders citizens instead of perpetrators. It’s liberty for those who don’t have to toil and worry about gas in the car or food on the table. It’s liberty for those who were born with silver spoons and trust funds. It’s liberty for those willing to lie, cheat, and steal to get ahead. It’s liberty for a price. And justice? Where’s the justice allowing those who raid the investments of the “little guy” to walk free? It’s justice for those who influence legislation to their advantage. It’s justice for those who make the laws. It’s justice for those who know the right people. It’s justice for the “Big Shot” who can buy his way out of it.

Those driven by greed and profit forget just who makes the machine run, and why not? We give them no reason not to, do we? Because we’ve forgotten it, too. We’ve forgotten who we are, what we stand for, and we’ve forgotten we have the power to change things. We’ve forgotten what we’re capable off once we put our minds to it. Because this is NOT who we are and we know it. We’re better than this. We’re good, kind, and loving people, we’ve just forgotten how to express that within the stifling illusion of the “American Dream 2.0.” We didn’t work hard and save to hoard, we did it to provide for our families, to live, to love, to laugh, and to dream. But they’ve brainwashed us into thinking like they do, with only the bottom line in mind. They’ve convinced us we’re lesser in some way because we don’t live up to their expectations. And then we strive to become the very thing that most of us loathe, conniving, powerful, and GREEDY. Just to get ahead, just to put gas in the car, just to keep the lights on.

But we don’t have to be. We don’t have to shout it from the rooftops or assail people on the street with our new philosophies. We don’t have to convince others to become members of our club. We don’t have to keep competing at all for the title of who’s right and who’s wrong, that’s just another form of greed, of want, of desire, to control others with our words. We change through our actions, by making an effort on a personal level to be better, kinder, more loving. We change by smiling at others on the street, holding the door, lending a hand, taking a risk, opening ourselves to others so we can become examples instead of proselytizers. Then we watch those changes ripple out as our actions inspire the same in others. And we do this over and over and over until that vicious cycle breaks entirely. Because it would if we just would.

Because continuing the “American Dream 2.0” makes a mockery out of the real deal. The “American Dream” holds that we’re all equal, that all have liberty and justice, that our God-given rights are inalienable, that our honest work can provide our families with prosperity, that we defend the weak instead of attacking, that we protect ourselves instead of lashing out before the fact, that we can think, dream, or do anything we like as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others. And we stand up to protect those rights, so our children and our children’s children will have them, too. That is what made our country great, those principles, those ideals.

Because we can’t have it both ways. We stand at a critical point, a tipping point where we can continue same as it ever was and watch our country burn. Or we can decide that no, this doesn’t work. We can become the people who we are instead of the people we’ve become. We’re good, kind, and loving people. We’re not greedy, warmongering, profit margin watching, ends justify the means people, we’re NOT them. No matter how much they try to convince us, we’re NOT like them and never will be. We’re better than this, even if they’re not. It’s time we all started acting like it. It’s time we separate ourselves from values that don’t reflect what we know in our hearts to be right and true. It’s time we say enough is enough and take back what is ours with ripples that reflect who we are inside, kind, good, and loving.

Because only Americans can hurt America. And the only people we can change are ourselves. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do it together when we reject the “American Dream 2.0” for the original. It might not happen overnight, but it will happen. One at a time, over and over, and over until we all remember, until we all see it, until we all understand where we are is the product of where we’ve been, locked into the same system that’s controlled us since the beginning of time. And then we reject it entirely in favor of goodness, kindness, and love. Because that IS who we are, even if we’ve forgotten it, we’re starting to remember. Because only America can HEAL America.


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