South Park Coalition (S.P.C.) is a coalition of Houston hip hop rappers which K-Rino started in 1987, wanting
 to unite the talent in his South Park neighborhood and the city of Houston.

JusTice AllaH

Joined Jul 27 2009
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Not one to be un-included, misunderstood or un-heard; JusTice began rapping, at the age of 12.

 He was a microphone junkie. Soon he formed a group called Deez N.U.T.S. (Niggas Understanding The Shit). Then known as D.N.J.C. (Dat Nigga J.C.),  JusTice recorded a independent album under the DSP (Dangerous Smoke Productions) label. D.N.J.C. with Jones went on to produce and record many projects together; The culmination of their collaboration being the production of the underground classic, “The Making of D.N.J.C.”.

 JusTice was able to make a name for himself on the rap scene due to the likability of his hit single “Love” and his interactive soul stirring stage presence. His show was like seeing a preacher at church, only this pastor cursed, smoked, drank and told you how it is. What it was; and how it was going to be.

 Soon after meeting Dope E ,the two began recording tracks together. Dope E put JusTice down with the founder, the wizard, the rap god, K-RINO. He gave the nod to accept JusTice into The SPC. Together they formulated the concept for The 144 ELiTE’s AgreeAbles +vs- DisAgreeAbles project and released the album.

 Needless to say, since his inception in SPC, JusTice has had the opportunity to shine on many songs and album releases that go as far as SPC in America, Europe and Australia. He has toured extensively with the SPC and independently, becoming a stage and studio veteran.

 With the release his newest gift, “JusTice AllaH presents…SuPreMe MaTheMaTiCs”, he is now busy at work on another upcoming album/dvd project entitled “JusTice Served”.

He is actively involved in community outreach programs, such as NOW – an organization formed by local artists to clean, protect and educate the community in which they live.

 You’ve been giving a small keyhole glimpse into the world of a living giant. There’s so much more to know and see concerning JusTice AllaH. The government watches him constantly using COINTELPRO tactics. That should tell you something about the seriousness of what he has to say and the stories that he has to tell.

 The best way to find out what you need to know is to listen to his music. There’s a lot of catching up to do so you better get started.

Check out for starters. You can also get a personal link to JusTice AllaH by contacting him on

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