South Park Coalition (S.P.C.) is a coalition of Houston hip hop rappers which K-Rino started in 1987, wanting
 to unite the talent in his South Park neighborhood and the city of Houston.


Joined Jan 8 2011
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30 years old
New Jerz
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I'm from New Jersey, born and raised, I've been listening to Underground Hip Hop (where real Hip Hop had to go in order to surive  the corparate desecration)since I was 13 years old. I'm now 19, turning 20 this year. Blessed to of found Hip Hop when I did, I heard Mr. Lif's - Phantom, and was SHOCKED at what I just heard, because that was how I was feeling my entire Life up untill that point. Hip Hop has been another creative outlet for me to channel more of my creativity. I'm a natural born artist, my father was, my mother was, her father was, my father's family is all artists/mechanical minds. So I'm blessed to have the talent that I have. My dad was in a car accident in 82' that put him in a coma for 6 months, his family pulled the plug and he snapped back to life. So I feel I survived death just so I could live; and there is a reason why I've been put here, and it's to made a change for this Planet.

I began writing lyrics/poetry when I was 16, really got into it when I was 17, now I'm stuck awake at night cause I feel like my mind is tapping into something so vast and uncomprehendable that it's almost blasphemous not to write what comes to me down on loose leaf. Rhymes just materialize in my mind, from where, I don't know, but I love it.

I consider my self a Hip Hop artist, and Hip Hop, thats who I am, I will be till the death of me. I love Graffiti, I sick with it, I find my self only doing graffiti lately in all my sketchbooks and such, it's like Hip Hop is what I was put here to channel, you know? I'm also hoping one day I can be a Lyrical Legend Like K-rino... The inspiration this man has given me is rediculous. I feel blessed that I managed to come across him.

My whole Life I've pondered as to how to get ME (my art) out to the WORLD, how can I help the Minds of this Planet into not being sucked into this vicious cycle, and I feel like God, the creator, whom ever it may be, has thrown me signs that it's to be an EMCEE. I feel like I've just recently rekindled my Connection with God. I gave up smoking weed, which has been an addiction of mine for the last 3 and a half years, really it took nothing to stop which is a blessing because I havn't had the Will Power up untill now.

I'm enjoying sobriety, because I'm for the first time enjoying LIFE. Thats all for now...


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